Al-Manar Neighborhood Guide in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Al-Manar Neighborhood Guide in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

 Al-Manar Neighborhood is located in Briman District in Jeddah, and it is considered one of the peaceful residential areas. The neighborhood has various facilities such as schools and hospitals, recreational and governmental facilities,in addition to gardens, restaurants, cafes, and hotels. The area also has many accommodation options such as residential complexes and Independent houses.


  • Has basic facilities such as schools and hospitals.
  • An abundance of restaurants and cafes. 
  • There are shopping malls and stores.
  • Great spot to live in due to its strategic location.
  • An abundance of residential complexes with various options.

Al-Manar Neighborhood Location

Al-Manar Neighborhood is located in Briman District, north Jeddah city. It is 941 meters away from the capital city and is 409 meters away from Al Madina Al Munawara. The area has 4 main streets; first one is Saleh Bin Ibrahim Alzohri street which goes all the way to the northern area while separating Al Manar neighborhood and Al Ajwad neighborhood. The second one is Al Ajwad street goes all the way to the southern area while separating Al Manar neighborhood and As Samir neighborhood. The third one is Al Manar street that goes through the neighborhood while connecting Al Manar neighborhood and Al Ajwad neighborhood. Finally, Qais Ibn Zuhair street and Waheeb Bin Omair Street connect the northern area and the southern area.

Surrounding Areas to Al-Manar Neighborhood

Al-Manar Neighborhood is bounded to north by Huda Al Sham street, to the south by As Samir neighborhood, to the west by Briman bridge, and to the east by Al Ajwad neighborhood.

Landmarks Near Al-Manar Neighborhood

There are many nice places near Al-Manar Neighborhood including stores, museums, and various service points such as:

Name of LandmarksDistance/by car
Al Yasmin Mall22km
Jeddah Mall15km
Al Tayebat International Museum for Science and Knowledge15km
King Abdulaziz International Airport12.9km

Al-Manar Neighborhood on the Map

Get to know to Al-Manar Neighborhood, Jeddah

The Advantages of Living in Al-Manar Neighborhood

Al-Manar Neighborhood is known for having many residential and commercial projects, such as Al Manar project which includes 28 villas for sale and is 25.000 m3. Some of the most famous residential complexes in Al Manar project include Arees Al Sharq Furnished Unites and King Abdulaziz University Hospital Housing Complex. There are many shopping malls as well, such as Al Yasmin Mall. The area really has it all; from recreational facilities to shopping malls and gardens.

Basic and Recreational Facilities in Al-Manar Neighborhood

There is a wide range of places that residents can visit to eat, drink, and celebrate with family and friends in Al-Manar Neighborhood. There are also many unique cafes suitable for gatherings and shopping malls and markets to buy clothes. In addition to electronics stores, furniture stores, salons, shopping malls, date stores, etc. Here is a look at some of the facilities in the area: 

Restaurants and cafes 


Restaurants  Type of food 
Paolo Restaurant French 
Casa Pasta  RestaurantItalian 
Herfy Fast food 
Canton RestaurantChinese  
Tako Hut Restaurant Fast food
Outback Steakhouse restaurant American 
Alnaiemsa kitchen and restaurantSaudi  
Fadan Indonesian RestaurantIndonesian 
Saudi Fisheries CompanySea food 
Shawarmer restaurantFast food  
Al Atlal RestaurantAsian 
Al Tazaj Fast food  
ALBAIKFast food 
Hamburgini Fast food
Subway Fast food
KFCFast food
Al Hamra RestaurantsArabic 
ShawermatacFast food
Chef BurgerFast food
Watani BurgerFast food
Salwan Pizza Italian 
Khorasan Bukhari RestaurantAsian 
Adam Grills Arabic 
2 bites Fast food 
Bukhari restaurant flavor Arabic 
Laziz burgerFast food 
Arikat Al dar Arabic 
Al manar al Demashqi Syrian 
160°BURGERFast food
PERUVIFast food
KokiFast food
Maestro PizzaItalian 
koshary cup Egyptian 
Kabsat MuneefArabic 


  • Starbucks. 
  • Kahve Dünyası.
  • Mamma Bunz Café.
  • Style café.
  • Mug Coffee & Roastery. 
  • Barns. 
  • Cup Rover.
  • Nero’s Cafe.
  • Daylato.
  • Moroccan Taste. 
  • Baskin Robbins.
  • Blendy Juices.
  • Kunafa kita’at sukar.
  • Caffe Concerto London.
  • Al hayat café.
  • One ounce café.
  • BON CAFÉ. 

Gardens and Parks 

  • Al-Atlal Garden.
  • Al manar garden.
  • Al manar garden 2.
  • Ibn Khaldoun Park.
  • Park Mosque Ansari.

Schools and Universities 

  • Dar al fanar school.
  • 182 elementary school.
  • Um Hakim Bint Al Harith school. 
  • Auf Bin Malik Ashja’i Secondary School.
  • Alwaleed Bin Qais primary school.

Shopping Malls and Markets 

Shopping Malls 

  • Al Yasmin Mall.


  • Samer Bakery & Grocery Store.
  • Souq al tawfeer al kamel grocery store.
  • Springs Goods Grocery.
  • Souq al wafi.
  • Al dukkan.
  • Bandar al ghamdi.
  • Al rwad bakery and supermarket. 
  • Atra lhbaa 2.
  • Farm supermarket.
  • Wasilah Al Tawfeer.
  • Thamar altabiea.
  • Al manar  bakery and supermarket.
  • Gannat Gross.
  • Al manar basket.
  • Manuel Supermarket. 
  • Bakery and Grocery modern ruins.

Hospitals and Clinics 

  • Al-Manar Specialized Medical Center.
  • As Samir polyclinic.
  • As Samir emergency center. 


  • Algla Furnished Residential Units Hostel.
  • Al Manar Diamond Suites.
  • Arees Al Sharq Furnished Unites.
  • Al Manar Hotel.


  • Al Nahdi pharmacy. 
  • Original Vet Care Pharmacy.
  • New Adam pharmacy.
  • Al dawaa pharmacy.

Gas stations 

  • Al wafaa gas station.
  • Al rwaad gas station.
  • Al samir gas station.
  • Al sahir gas station.
  • Manar al sharq gas station.


  • Abdullah Al Ahamadi Mosque.
  • Al Hamdan Mosque. 
  • Beyoot AlSharq Mosque.
  • Zain bin Harith Mosque.
  • Al Huda Mosque.
  • Al bunian Mosque.
  • Al Rayan Mosque.
  • Al Saliheen Mosque.
  • Abu Dujanah Alansari Mosque‎.
  • Salman Alsaaidi Mosque.
  • Al nadwah Mosque.
  • Al Furqan Mosque.

Properties in Al-Manar Neighborhood

There are a number of residential complexes and apartments with different numbers of rooms and bathrooms in Al-Manar Neighborhood. OpenSooq has various apartments for sale advertisement which feature the following amenities:

Number of rooms

  • 4 bedrooms.
  • +6 bedroom. 
  • 5 bedrooms.
  • 3 bedrooms.

Number of bathrooms

  • 4 bathrooms.
  • 2 bathrooms.
  • 3 bathrooms.
  • 5 bathrooms.


  • First floor.
  • Fifth floor. 
  • Fourth floor.
  • Second floor.


  • Unfurnished. 
  • Furnished.
  • Partially furnished. 

Payment method

  • Cash only.
  • Cash/Payments

For more options, find the latest advertisements for apartments for sale in Al Manar Neighborhood on

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